Cuddle Connection

Est. February 2014

So..., Why Cuddle? 

In today's society, Human Contact or Touching in a non-sexual context is minimal. This may be especially true in America. Touch simply makes us feel good and here is why...

​​There is power in touch- science has proven the physiological benefits which may include lowered blood pressure as well as increased levels of serotonin and oxytocin in the brain. Touch also reduces the level of cortisol, essentially the "stress" hormone. We know that touch can calm and rejuvenate. Touch has even been shown to contribute to healing when sick.

​​Mentally, touch can make us feel more balanced. Touch can help us feel encouraged, focused and accepted.

​Emotionally, touch helps us feel Connected to one another. We need to feel Connected, Appreciated, Respected and Unconditionally, platonically loved. We also need to feel Accepted and touch has the power to do all of this for us!

​Our Cuddlers at Cuddle Connection Roseville want to bring these things into your Life and share our Warmth, Understanding and Gentleness with another Worthy and Valuable Human Being... And That is YOU!

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