Cuddle Connection

Est. February 2014

Sessions are based on nurturing, non-sexual tender human contact. Embracing only.

~Frequently Asked Questions~

Q: What is a Cuddle Session like?

A: It's a period of time for you just to be you... to relax and be comforted. It can be safely playful, too, if you love to laugh, well, we do, too! Always communicate with us as we will with you.

We will Cuddle you in any one of our pre-determined Cuddle Positions:

1.The Classic Spoon: We are great "Big Spoons"

If you would like to be the big spoon, there will be a pillow placed between our lower torsos

2. The Half Spoon:  This super cozy cuddle may be called a "half spoon" but it is definitely a full dose!  Cuddling you lying on you back with your cuddler's head on your chest.

3. The Luxury Lounge: Your cuddler is seated and you lie comfortably on your side or back with your head on  your cuddler's upper legs (lap).

​4. The Face to Face: You and your cuddler lie on your sides facing each other, maybe holding hands between your torsos- It is very sweet!  A lot of giggles happen with this one.

​5. The HUGGLE (Hug + Snuggle = Huggle!) : Your cuddler is seated and you are lying with your head on your cuddler's torso while you are laying on your side.... you are snuggling and your cuddler is hugging you!

Q: What do I wear to my Cuddle session?

A: Wear comfortable clothing that you like.  Nudity of any sort is not permitted for either party. Separate mens and ladies restrooms are available for changing.

Q: What happens first?

A: Please arrive early for your first appointment to discuss policies, complete intake paperwork, tour our facility, and assure that both parties are comfortable.

Q: What if I become aroused?

A: This is a normal human physical reaction and happens from time to time.  Not to worry, we will just adjust the cuddle so that both parties can be comfortable again. This actually rarely if ever happens.

Q: Is this like therapy? Do I have to talk?

A: Cuddling is not therapy, but a session can be very comforting and encouraging. You do not have to talk, but you may do so if you wish. We are non judgmental and have big hearts. Cuddlers are great listeners but do not dispense advice on any matter. Cuddlers do not massage, we just embrace and stay present with you. We listen, we care, we want to you to know that you are not alone and that you are a unique and wonderful fellow human being.

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