Cuddle Connection

Est. February 2014

Personal Testimonies!

What people are saying about us and why they cuddle!

"Thank you so, so much Kelly for your kind and heartfelt hugs. My time spent with you, cuddling, melted away my anxiety and gave me noticeable energy the rest of my day! You helped me find my way back!"

- Mark N in Sacramento

 "I am so happy to hear about your business. I am in desperate need of some hugs.  It is really difficult to be without human contact. I am booking with you for once or twice weekly.  Your business will thrive. There are a lot of people really in need of hugs out there

-Aaron P in Sacramento

        "I was a bit skeptical at first using the Cuddle Connection service, I admit. However, I have had a great deal of experience where the touch of another person was absolutely critical. Being alone for a while now, and an 'empty nester', I realized how much I miss the personal connection. Kelly has the answer- holding someone! What a simple solution-I felt calm and a peace that is wonderful.

       Kelly is a business genius! Helping people connect again is needed now more than ever. What a blessing!"                  

-Russ L. in Folsom, CA

Kelly and Crew have helped me get through a tough spot after losing my job and not feeling worthy or connected. They are my family now, and I have had the motivation to get back out in society and rebuild my Life.  I am doing great now!

                           -Tracie in Grass Valley, CA

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